Queer Eye Returns – Preview and Review: How Five Gay Men Are Healing The World

YASS Queens! The fab five are back. After a stunning reboot in early 2018, more than a decade after the final season of the original series, the new fab five are returning for a second season of their Netflix exclusive show on June 15th.

In the latest episode of the Netflix and Grill podcast I was joined by my childhood friend and avid Netflix aficionado Braden Smith to talk about our significant soft spot for the new fab five.

As Braden mentions in the podcast, coming from two people who dislike reality TV as much as we do, the praise is significant, but also well earned.

This 2018 iteration of Queer Eye is transformative, not just for the men whose lives are being transformed on the screen, but for the millions of people watching it at home as well. Preconceptions, hard hearts and outdated beliefs are literally being transformed before our very eyes and not a moment too soon.

And when you think about it, can you name another time in recent history where there has been a mainstream entertainment project (let alone a reality TV show) where the primary aim was to spread love.

Reality TV, especially in Australia has built a culture of creating artificial drama by casting “villains” encouraging bullying, sniping, talking behind peoples’ backs and the general humiliation of their “stars”. Motivations tend to be shallow and alcohol and the promise of fame add fuel to a dumpster fire started in the name of entertainment and ratings.

Queer Eye couldn’t be further removed from that post apocalyptic waste land of reality TV. The show breeds empathy, encouragement and an uncanny ability from the fab five to turn pain into power. Tan France (Fashion), Karamo Brown (Culture), Bobby Berk (Design), Antoni Porowski (Food) and Jonathan Van Ness (Grooming) all have hero moments throughout the first season where they bring a level of compassion to their onscreen conversations that have the power to change the direction of someone’s life forever.

Whether they’re encouraging Tom to find his inner sexy, empowering Neal & Joe to embrace their inner entertainer, breaking down racial barriers with a cop from Georgia or creating a sanctuary for these men and their families, this fab five are incredible at connecting with the men they work with and creating moments that honestly melt the viewers’ heart.

In a world where role models in emotional intelligence can be hard to come by, where self interest seems to dominate the media scape and generosity and compassion don’t sell, Queer Eye is a revolution that is healing the people who watch it. After the way they’ve been treated, legislated against, bullied and shut out from certain sections of society, the fact that the sum total response from these five, proud, gay men is nothing but love – is truly remarkable.

Netflix have found a winner and they are doubling down with this second season being released so soon after the first. You can expect more unapologetically fabulous and authentic moments to follow. Queer Eye is binge worthy TV at it’s best that won’t leave you with an emotional hangover, but more of a healthy after glow.

Queer Eye Season 2 Trailer

With 5 days to go until Season 2 officially hits screens, here’s a sneaky peak on what you can expect from the guys on their second tour of transformations. I’m not crying, you’re crying! Stay tuned for June 15th when the second season of Queer Eye will premiere.

With the inclusion of a woman, a trans man, the redevelopment of a Church community centre and more life changing transformations – It’s clear Queer Eye will continue to break down barriers and heal the world with everything they’re doing in Season Two and beyond.

To listen to our quick twenty five minute chat discussing our favourite bits from season one, what we think of each of the Fab 5 and why Braden saw two episodes that I didn’t check out Netflix and Grill on iTunes, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Soundcloud or just press play on the embedded version below.

Mike Drysdale

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