10 Perth Based, Fitness Influencers for your Next Marketing Campaign

Perth may be the most isolated capital city in the world, but that doesn’t mean the people that live here aren’t well connected. Perth is home to some of the biggest digital influencers in the world. With our famous coastline and beachfront lifestyle, it’s easy to see why many of them gravitate towards health and fitness.

For anyone interested in influence marketing in a health or fitness business, these social media influencers may prove to be the perfect partner in your mission to spread the word.

Madalin Giorgetta – @madalingiorgetta – 894k Followers

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Madalin is a personal trainer who recently launched her own work-out app called ‘Work it with MG‘. The app has already gained a huge following of over 100,000 #WorkItWomen. Madalin also released her own line of bikinis in 2018 called Mimi Kini with a focus on making women of all shapes and sizes look and feel their best in a bikini.

She’s bubbly, positive and a real ambassador and encourager of women. With a big interest in fashion, it’s no surprise Madalin’s looks are always on point. Her posts range from practical workout routines to documenting her everyday life and the occasional aspirational body post.

Values: Fitness, travel, fashion, body positivity, encouraging women and goofy humour.

Jem Wolfie – @JemWolfie – 2.5m Followers

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Jem Wolfie is an internet phenomenon. With 2.5 million followers she has a larger Instagram following than the likes of Jennifer Hawkins, Tiger Woods, Superbowl MVP Julian Edelman, MLB MVP Mike Trout as well as every AFL player, AFL team and even the AFL itself.

Jem has an upfront and in your face style that her audience loves. She doesn’t censor herself and likes to be expressive in her content. Her content includes workouts, modeling, recipes, basketball, lifestyle content and currently, a series of promoted posts for Bang Energy.

Smart companies have already begun to collaborate with Jem and leverage her audience in creative and subtle ways. For instance, Atlantic Records pays Jem to use their artist’s music in every one of her videos. It’s a perfect partnership! Jem authentically loves the music and clearly understands and even influences hip-hop culture. In return, Atlantic exposes their artists to between 1 and 4.5 million potential customers every time Jem posts a video with up to 7 million impressions.

The genius is that they don’t wreck that strategy by making Jem promote the artist. It’s not an ad, it’s simply an endorsement by affiliation from someone their audience already trusts.

Jem also does branded content in her stories, as well as generating revenue through her e-books and only-fans subscription site. Personally, I don’t think we’ve even begun to see the impact that Jem can have in this space. As her following grows and her content expands, the potential for creative executions is limitless.

Values: Body positivity, basketball/ street culture, hip hop culture, self-empowerment, independence and freedom of speech.

Georgia Wilson – @The_Nourished_Athlete – 6,896 followers

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Georgia Wilson is technically a micro-influencer with 6,896 followers but still presents as an amazing advocate for any brand in this space. Georgia is a member of the hockey-roos, an incredibly dedicated athlete and as fit as they come. Despite being relatively new to the national squad, the Hockeyroos have given Wilson considerable media opportunities. Georgia, to her credit, has seized these opportunities and is developing a strong skill set in front of the camera.

Beyond hockey, Georgia has a passion for food and loves cooking. She recently renamed her Instagram: @the_nourished_athlete to reflect her love of healthy food. Moreover, she has shown an amazing penchant for making world-class grazing tables.

Values: Mental health, good sleep, expert training, wellness, yoga, mindfulness, competitiveness, high performance, cooking, food presentation.

Kurtis Marschall – @kurtismarschall – 19.7k Followers

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Kurtis Marschall is an Australian Pole Vaulter, sponsored by Adidas. At 191cm of lean muscle with a winning smile to match Kurtis has a lot of qualities that make him a poster boy in the making. He recently won Gold at the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast as a 20-year-old. He is currently competing in Europe and posting travel pics that make us green with envy.

Should Kurtis continue to develop his channel and voice as an advocate or ambassador he has a lot of potential in this space.

Values: Mateship, travel, family, men’s style, training, putting in work.

Nina Kennedy – @ninakennedy_ – 19.8k Followers

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Nina Kennedy competed in the pole vault and won bronze for Australia at the 2018 Commonwealth Games held here in Australia. Nina is young and has bucket loads of potential both on and off the track. She works incredibly hard to get the most out of herself and you can see that in her content. Nina is always sporting stylish training gear thanks to an endorsement deal with Adidas and in her downtime, she loves sunbaking by the beach. Young, sassy, fashion brands with a bit of edge would be wise to consider collaborating with this 21-year-old rising star.

Values: Competition, High Performance, Fashion, Beach, Travel, Inspiring others through sport.

Amanda Bisk – @amandabisk – 706k Followers

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The third and final pole vaulter on our list and the biggest social media influencer of them all is Amanda Bisk. Amanda has a heart wrenching and inspiring story of being forced to reconfigure her sense of identity and give up one of her dreams after being diagnosed with chronic fatigue back in 2011. The diagnosis eventually forced her to give up pole vaulting, but her grit and determination have seen her make an incredible recovery.

Amanda now has a #FreshBodyFitMind app that has helped members in 75 countries reach their body goals. She has both flexibility and fitness programs which users can purchase on the app. Amanda is a seasoned campaigner on Instagram and has done collaborations with huge brands like American express. Any proposal would need to be well prepared, airtight and have respect for the time it’s taken to build her commanding, six-figure audience.

Values: Vegetarian, environmentalism, wellness, mindfulness, yoga, dogs, the beach, family, fitness apparel.

Matthew Pavlich – @mav_29 – 42.2k Followers

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For most Western Australians this man needs no introduction. Matthew Pavlich is the most decorated Fremantle Docker to ever take the field in the AFL. He played 353 games with the Fremantle Dockers, served 9 years as club captain, won 6 club best and fairests and kicked 700 career goals. Off the field Matthew served as president of AFL players association, is the director of his own company – PICKSTAR, and regularly works as a presenter in traditional media.

Coming from Australia’s premier sports league is a double-edged sword for brands looking to work with the likes of Matthew Pavlich. Obviously, the affinity and recognition he generates from Freo fans is undeniable. However, as is the case for most retired AFL players, the primary channels he’s invested in are those within traditional media. For this reason, despite his superstar resume, a brand may be forced to overpay for what he can deliver simply using his digital channels alone.

Matthew’s company PICKSTAR, is interesting in that it aims to use technology to simplify and expedite the process of finding sports talent for events, speaking and marketing opportunities.

Values: Business, family, learning from and interviewing other sporting legends, the connection between business and sport, wine and golf.

Olivia Vivian – @Oliviavivian – 44.9k Followers

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Olivia offers something unique and exciting as an influencer with a storied background and a niche skill set. Her impressive career as a gymnast included leading the Australian team to a 6th place finish at the 2008 Summer Olympic games. She went on to compete for Oregon State University in NCAA gymnastics and won a team silver at the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

More recently, Olivia’s career significantly changed direction when she competed in the 2017 debut of Australian Ninja Warrior. Since her Ninja debut, Olivia has taken her skills global, taking out the 2018 women’s title at the National Ninja League finals in America.

You can always trust that Olivia will bring something fresh and creative to any collaboration.

Values: Creativity, pushing the limits of performance, determination, exploring nature, humour, not taking herself too seriously.

Sarah Radalj – @sarradalj – 24k followers

Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 2.56.43 pm

Sarah Radalj is a content-making-machine. The former personal trainer and gym junkie puts an enormous amount of time and energy into both her body and her content. She has a vulnerability and authenticity that shines through in her Instagram stories and connects with her followers.

Given Sarah is unashamedly “passionate about booty”, naturally, a lot of her followers are men. However, her female followers are a vocal minority, many of whom credit Sarah with changing their life. What’s more, is that Sarah has proven herself to be an able connector of female influencers in and around the Perth area.

Values: Inspiring content, connecting with female followers, honesty, vulnerability, the beach, her dogs, matching outfits, scrunchies and of course: booty gains.

Greg Hire – @greg4hire – 9,525 followers

Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 3.22.06 pm

The retiring vice-captain of the Perth Wildcats has an inspiring story and a strong track record of advocating for causes close to his heart. Having grown up in a domestic violence household, Greg overcame the odds to carve out a successful decade long basketball career with the Wildcats that eventually led to his vice-captaincy.

Greg’s goal has always been to use his position to impact the community in the best way possible. Through his company, “A Stitch In Time“, Greg’s been able to support schools, communities and mental health organisations in Perth and regional areas. He’s also a loving husband and a doting father of two young kids.

Values: Family, role models, schools, communities, sport, mental health, advocacy, rural communities, indigenous welfare.

Interested in influencers in other spaces, creative content strategy, or content marketing? Feel free to shoot me an email at michael.drysdale1@gmail.com and we can discuss a plan to help you achieve your goals.

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