Starting the “In Real Life” Revolution

The Digital Revolution changed the world.

It gave us unprecedented access and leverage to communicate with people all over the globe. However, I believe, it also tricked us…

It tricked us into believing that, that was the game to play.

That world domination, (being famous everywhere and to everyone) was the goal and it’s not the case. For the past two decades, more or less, people have been using the internet to connect with people all over the world.

My observation is simply this: that we should’ve been using the web to connect with our next door neighbour all along.

There is a new opportunity at play:

Digital is now the status quo and that makes it ripe for disruption… by “Real Life”.

The promise of the “Real Life Revolution” is simply this, human beings crave connection. We crave meaningful interactions with other humans in physical spaces.

And currently, we are being starved of that.

How do we know that we’re being starved of it? A study conducted by the Australian Psychological Society in 2018 found that 1 in 4 Australians reports feeling lonely 3 or more days a week.

Many Australians report feeling anxiety around socialising and 30% don’t feel like they’re a part of a group of friends.

Enter the “In Real Life” revolution.

If we took all the leaders, connectors, creators and storytellers currently flittering away their energy in a fight for world domination and instead we focused their energy on uniting their cities, towns, and neighbourhoods, the world would be a better place.

It could start with you.

Go ahead and get people together. Preferably around something that you’re passionate about. Use digital by all means, just hyper-localise your fan base.

Rather than starting a Facebook group called the “Patrick Rothfuss Fan Club” Start the “Perth Patrick Rothfuss Fan Club” instead. Then… and this is the big part, meet up!

Get together, have fun, talk about your passions, take photos, share them in the group and then rinse and repeat.

As Seth Godin said, “Anxiety is experiencing failure in advance […] Worry is not preparation, and anxiety doesn’t make you better.” and the same goes here.

The numbers don’t matter.

When I first started the “Perth Critical Role Community” in February of 2018, 2 people came to the first meetup. And that was fine, in fact, it was great!

A year on and over 100 people have come to our last two events. But you don’t even need that many in order to experience wild amounts of success.

Let me be brutally honest here. If my Perth Critical Role Community meetups had never grown beyond 5 people, I still would’ve been ludicrously happy. I would’ve kept loving those five people with everything that I had and it would’ve been worth it.

I know this to be true because it happened. Outside of our official meetups, a handful of the original crew and I play our own Dungeons & Dragons campaign every fortnight and have been since the second time we met.

That is the kind of success I wish for you.

An hour or two of genuine connection in a caring and safe environment with people you share a passion with can do the world of good. Make it happen, not just for you, but for everyone whose life you can improve along the way as well.

Mike Drysdale

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