A Story They Can Tell Their Friends

Conversation 1
🤔: “What’s that?“
😌: “It’s a cupcake, I got it from my accountant when he did my tax return. It’s so cute it’s got their little logo on it and everything.”
🤔: “Wow I wish my accountant did that!”

Conversation 2
😃: “Guess what!”
🙂: “What?”
😍: “I was at my chiro today and she mentioned that I’d been getting adjustments there for three years so they got me these.” *flashes two tickets to the football*
🤯: “Holy crap. What chiropractor do you go to?”

Conversation 3
🤔: “How was the seminar?”
🙊: “Oh yeah, I’ve been meaning to tell you.”
🧐: “Tell me what?”
🤗: “She gave us three copies of her latest book and said we could give them to our friends. I thought you’d like it so I kept this one for you. It’s signed too!”
😍: “Seriously!? That’s so sweet you’re the best.”

Random acts of kindness, over delivering on your value proposition, surprising and delighting your customers and word of mouth are all interelated. 

Give them a story they can tell their friends.

In 2019, customers expect you to be good at what you do. Completing the job on time and on budget is nice, but it’s not going to make me tell my friends…

Surprise me and I’ll become a raving fan.

Like we say at Lush… It’s the way it makes you feel. What makes your business come up in conversation? What makes you remarkable?

Double down on THAT!

Mike Drysdale

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