Change Happens Person To Person, Not Group To Group.

You can’t influence a group. Even if a number of people change their mind in quick succession, each one changes individually.

When you’re writing a blog, a social post or something else going out to your audience who are you thinking of? A demographic, a psychographic, new customers or people you haven’t reached yet? Maybe you’re trying to “make noise” about your offering and you’re not sure who’s going to hear it.

Hope is not a strategy and yet so often when we’re creating content for the people that we haven’t reached that’s all we have to go on. My advice is to speak to the people you know. Write for the people who love what you do and connect with them on a personal level.

Numbers tend to desensitize us.

We think 14 likes on a post is crap,
But reaching 100,000 people is good?

If you were in a room of 14 people and their response to something you said was: “Right on, I like what you’re putting out there.” Would you walk away from that conversation? You could ask them about their problems, learn more about their world view, ask them to come and hear you speak again and maybe invite them to bring some friends.

Would you rather be in a noisy stadium and have the chance to shout into the din of 100,000 people and hope to be heard? I didn’t think so. Then why do we act that way online? There are people showing up for you, but are you showing up for them?

The sooner we realise that the short cuts don’t work, the sooner we can start connecting with the true fans who want to spread our message. Person to person, not group to group.

Mike Drysdale

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